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How to Drive the Ball Long and Straight

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

We are all searching for more consistency off the tee. Driving the ball more consistently will result in hitting more fairways and that usually makes for a more enjoyable day on the golf course! Punching out of the trees and hitting out of the rough or fairway bunkers all day will tend to add strokes to the scorecard pretty quickly. So what are some simple keys to improving your driving distance and accuracy? I will answer that question in this article as well as provide you with additional information about getting fit for some of the hottest new drivers in 2017.

The quickest and easiest way to improve your driving stats is to focus on improving your setup. The nice thing about working on your setup is that this is something all of us can master. Being great at the basics of setup and pre-shot routine will often improve your ability to hit the driver longer, higher, and more accurately without burdening you with an overabundance of swing thoughts. See the pictures of Adam Scott, top 20 in each of the last 7 seasons in strokes gained off-the-tee on the PGA Tour, as well as the driver setup and swing keys checklists below.

Adam’s textbook setup allows him to maintain stability throughout the swing with the driver. Hands and arms are beautifully in sync with the rotation of his body during his one-piece takeaway (everything moving back together).

Adam’s head remains perfectly still behind the ball as he lets it all go – focusing on the back of the ball is a great way to achieve this feeling. Right shoulder and forearm continues to rotate all the way through the hitting area. Notice how he finishes facing the target in a tall and balanced position.


  • Weight 50/50; slightly wider than shoulder width stance

  • Ball position forward - off inside of left instep

  • Hands slightly back forming a broken line between lead arm and club shaft

  • Upper body tilt of your spine away from the target - right shoulder lower than your left

Swing Keys:

  • Straight back, low, & square club face takeaway - creating width between butt end of club and right side

  • Head remains well back behind the ball through impact

  • Right shoulder rotates towards target and right forearm rolls over the left to release the club

  • Finish facing the target in a tall balanced position

It is very important to make sure that your driver has enough loft and that you are using a club with the proper flex and length of shaft. A properly fit driver will allow you to hit the center of the club face more often and give you the ideal combination of high launch and low backspin. Centeredness of contact along with a high launch and low backspin will result in more distance and accuracy off the tee. The latest technology in drivers such as the new Callaway Epic, Titleist 917, and TaylorMade M1/M2 allow you to add loft, reduce backspin, and fine tune directional control using various weight and hosel configurations. As a proud owner of a FlightScope X3 Launch Monitor, I am able to really dial in driver settings. This device allows me to determine the proper settings for you by analyzing the data received after each shot. The numbers do not lie and you may be surprised how dramatically your drives can improve simply by switching to a new properly configured driver. Please do not hesitate to contact Mike to schedule a driver fitting and get more help on your setup and swing.

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"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
~ Albert Einstein


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