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Setup & Swing Keys for Greenside Bunker Shots

Updated: Mar 28

Be good at the basics of setup and swing keys for greenside bunker shots and get out and on the green more consistently.


Having the proper setup and technique for greenside bunker shots is the key to getting out and on the green more consistently. Flat, uphill, and downhill lies are discussed in this video filmed during a group coaching program at St. Davids Golf Club. A few things to keep in mind when setting up to play these shots from the sand are listed below.

  • The sand propels the ball out of the bunker. If the sand does not exit the bunker, the ball will not exit the bunker.


  • Weight left (60%)

  • No shift or sway back during backswing (stay forward)

  • Slightly open stance at address

  • Work your feet into the sand for a stable base

  • Square club face for wet, firm sand; open club face for dry, soft sand

  • Shoulders match the tilt of the slope

Swing Keys:

  • Keep your head still

  • Wrist hinge immediately going back (steep is better than shallow)

  • Long, smooth swing

  • Length of follow through controls distance

So to recap, if you want to hit better bunker shots you need to setup properly, keep your head still and weight forward during the backswing, and make a long enough follow through. Do these things and you will have more success getting out of bunkers.

"The harder I practice, the luckier I get." ~ Gary Player

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