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Welcome to Mike Paukovits Golf,

Mike is a dedicated PGA Teaching Professional who is passionate about coaching and growing the game of golf. If Mike is not giving a lesson, you will probably find him working on his own game or competing in a golf tournament! He believes in an all encompassing, balanced approach to coaching his students towards reaching their true potential.


Mike currently teaches at a few of the area's best indoor golf simulator locations. He teaches at Play-a-Round Golf's two locations in Malvern and Ardmore. Mike also teaches at Five Iron Golf - Rittenhouse in Philadelphia as well as conducting on-course coaching sessions at several public golf courses in the Philadelphia area.  


I invite you to learn more about myself, my background, and my teaching philosophy. Please allow me to share my passion with you and help you reach your golfing potential!  


"Amazing teacher. Mike is one the best golf coaches out there. He was essential in my preparation for the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship Tournament and also very hands on in helping my son with his first few golf lessons."

Kyle Lowry

NBA Point Guard, Philadelphia 76ers

2019 NBA World Champions, Toronto Raptors


Do you want to take your golf game to the next level?

Schedule a Complimentary Discovery Coaching Call below. We will talk about your goals for improvement and how I can help you accomplish them.

I guarantee results or I coach you for FREE!

What's New

5 Tips for Getting Your Golf Game Back in Shape this Spring

Spring Golf Tips.png

Spring always signals new beginnings both in life as well as on the golf course. So will 2024 be the year that you accomplish your goals of breaking 100, 90, 80, or perhaps winning the club championship? Odds are that a major breakthrough will only happen if you significantly improve one or more aspects of your golf game. However, this does not necessarily mean that hitting the ball farther or spending more time on the practice area are the only answers to improving at this mysterious game we call golf! So, how do we get off to a great start this season? A thorough evaluation of the items listed below will ensure that you are addressing all areas of your game and making the necessary improvements this season. Here are my top 5 tips to get your game ready for the spring:

1. Check your equipment. Do your clubs need to be re-gripped? How do the faces of your wedges look, are the grooves worn down? Take the time to schedule a club fitting in order to make sure you are playing the right clubs for your swing and your game. If you are not hitting your driver consistently or far enough, you may benefit from a driver fitting to increase the launch angle and reduce backspin. I utilize Launch Monitor technology that enables me to give you the necessary feedback to fit your equipment properly and also determine if you have any major yardage gaps in between clubs. I also recommend getting properly fitted by an expert at your local Golf Galaxy or Club Champion if you would like to test out the latest and greatest equipment.

2. Get your mental game in check. Take some time to read some books on how to practice and how to think both on the golf course and while you practice. There are some great books out there written by Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott that I would highly recommend along with Dr. Rick Jensen’s books. One of my personal favorites is “Golf is Not A Game of Perfect,” by Dr. Bob Rotella.  

3. Practice putting. Putting is something we can all improve on at any age or handicap. Practicing with the use of training aids like a putting arc or a mirror has proven to be very effective. Also, improving your speed control from longer distances or lag putting will help reduce or eliminate those dreaded 3 putts.  

4. Fitness. It is important to get your body ready from a physical conditioning standpoint to be ready for the spring season. I would highly recommend finding someone who is TPI Golf Certified. I recommend Dr. Chris Leib; he is a personal trainer in Ardmore. Fitness is important to prevent injuries and to help you hit it further!

5. Lessons. It is important to find an instructor that you are comfortable with and will teach in a simple and concise way so you are not overwhelmed. Taking lessons or participating in group coaching programs should be fun and if you put in the time to practice in between coaching sessions, you will see improvement quickly. Schedule a Private Coaching Session with Mike at the location of your choice. We will start with an evaluation of all aspects of your game, cover some simple tips and drills, and finally we will discuss your goals and come up with an improvement plan. Schedule a Complimentary Discover Coaching Call to discuss where you are currently, learn about your golfing goals, and how I can help you achieve them. I am excited to help you achieve your goals and become my next success story!

So get to work on these five items and I can guarantee you that you will enjoy the spring golf season more and play to your potential. As I always remind my students, playing better golf and shooting lower scores makes the game a lot more fun!

"Golf is a science, the study of a lifetime, in which you can exhaust yourself but never your subject."

~ David Forgan

Indoor Coaching Locations

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Please visit for more information and directions.

Book your Private Coaching Session at Play-a-Round Golf - Malvern

Book your Private Coaching Session at Play-a-Round Golf - Ardmore

Another option for indoor simulator lessons is Five Iron Golf - Rittenhouse in Philadelphia.


Tips & Drills

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"Amazing teacher. Mike is one the best golf coaches out there. He was essential in my preparation for the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship Tournament and also very hands on in helping my son with his first few golf lessons."


Kyle Lowry

   NBA Point Guard, Philadelphia 76ers

"Mike is a great teacher and extremely patient. For somebody who is just starting out, I immediately fell in love with the game mostly because of Mike's teaching technique. He makes it super simple to understand the concepts. Looking forward to more sessions."

Chirag Dadia

   Glenmoore, PA


  • Jim McLean Golf School Certified Instructor


  • Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified


  • Class "A" PGA Member

  • PGA HOPE Certified Instructor


  • GALV Lehigh Valley Open Champion, 2014

  • U.S. Kids Golf Certified Coach


  • Eyeline Golf Certified Instructor

  • Operation 36 Certified Golf Coach


  • Top Pro





Play-a-Round Golf - Ardmore

56 Greenfield Ave.

Ardmore, PA 19003

Play-a-Round Golf - Malvern

245 Lancaster Ave.

Malvern, PA 19355

Five Iron Golf - Rittenhouse

2116 Chestnut St.

Philadelphia, PA 19103

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